About the Phoenix Islands


The Phoenix Islands Protected Area Conservation Trust (PIPA Trust) is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) established under the laws of the Republic of Kiribati. Its primary objective is to provide long-term sustainable financing for the conservation of terrestrial and marine biodiversity in the Phoenix Islands group. This will allow Kiribati to create the PIPA for the benefit of future generations of Kiribati citizens and the world without producing negative impacts on current national expenditures for health, education, and social welfare. The Trust is governed by the Board of Directors appointed by each of the Government of Kiribati, New England Aquarium (NEAq) and Conservation International (CI).

The Trust’s most important resource is its endowment fund, called the PIPA Trust’s Endowment Fund (PTEF), which will be capitalized by private and public contributions. The disbursement of funds by the PIPA Trust to the government will be outlined in a contract between the two parties. The revenues from the endowment will go to cover (1) the annual fixed and variable costs associated with managing PIPA in accordance with the Management Plan, and (2) payments to the Government of Kiribati for ensuring that exploitation of all or part of PIPA remains limited or prohibited. The funds of the Trust (PTEF) will be professionally managed by a private third party.

The basis of this “Conservation Contract” arrangement is that Kiribati will be reimbursed by the PIPA Trust conditional on the satisfactory performance by the Government of Kiribati on its obligation to ensure the long-term protection of the terrestrial, coral, and oceanic natural resources as well as any cultural resources within the PIPA.

To learn more or to make a contribution to the PIPA Trust conservation endowment fund, contact the PIPA Trust at:

Dr. Teuea Toatu

Executive Director
PIPA Trust
P.O Box 366
Tarawa, Kiribati

Phone: +686 28225
Email: pipatrust@phoenixislands.org